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4 Ways To Avoid Heat Loss During a Chicago Winter

4 Ways To Avoid Heat Loss During a Chicago Winter

4 Ways To Avoid Heat Loss During a Chicago Winter

Winter weather in Chicago and throughout the Midwest can be harsh and long, and staying warm and cozy in our homes as the wind and snow howl outside can be challenging. You also want to avoid high heating bills. Here are four ways to avoid heat loss during a Chicago winter.

Weatherproof Doors and Windows

Doors and windows tend to be the biggest offenders of heat loss in houses. Older buildings and homes often have windows that can’t adequately keep the heat inside. Take the time to repair your windows if necessary and maintain them all year long. Replacing them with more energy-efficient ones will also help you stay comfortable during the long winter months.

Doors can also become warped from temperature fluctuations, which can cause gaps between the frame and the door. Use weather-stripping to close the gaps and prevent heat loss.

Add Rugs to Floors

Adding thick rugs to your floors is an excellent way to avoid heat loss during a Chicago winter. The woven material will absorb any drafts that may come up from the floor. Your floors will naturally be colder because hot air rises, but a warm, thick rug will keep your feet warm all winter.

Close Unused Vents

Some annoying sources of heat loss are exhaust fans and vents. If there are any rooms or areas where you don’t need heat, close those vents.

Update Your Insulation

We’ll let you in on a little secret: good insulation is the most effective way to keep the heat inside your home all winter in Chicago. It will you save on heating costs and maximize your time and budget. Check your attic first, because this is an area where heat tends to escape the most. Heat rises, so the highest rooms of your house should be adequately insulated.

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