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Spray Roof Insulation

Spray Foam Roofing Contractors in McHenry County

spray foam roof insulation

Paragon Protection provides closed-cell spray foam commercial roofing for various applications throughout the McHenry County area. As a spray foam roofing contractor, we offer our customers this advanced insulation system because it provides multiple advantages over traditional methods while remaining cost-effective to protect your business’s finances. No matter what your roof’s shape or substrate is, our commercial spray foam roof insulation service will seal the roof to prevent heat transfer through the roof deck.

Businesses around McHenry County can’t survive long if they don’t prepare for the area’s extreme weather conditions. You need a spray foam roofing contractor who’s familiar with the unique challenges that your business’s building will face. Proper commercial roof insulation is even more important in a commercial building because of its size as well as the need to keep heating and cooling costs low to reduce overhead. With Paragon Protection, your building will benefit from unmatched insulation that will reduce your total cost of overhead, keep you and other employees comfortable, and help you save energy in the long run.

Benefits of Closed-Cell Spray Foam Roof Insulation

Eliminates the Need for Seams and Joints

This roofing system will lock in place every portion of the roof, which produces a seamless membrane that entirely does away with the need for fastenings and joints. You can consider spray foam commercial roofing to be a single, continuous shield and thermal barrier.

Convenient Drainage

Since this advanced roofing system is achieved through spraying, it’s possible to vary the foam’s thickness to create channels for water to flow, which ensures proper drainage. You can avoid pooling water, deck deflection, leaks, and premature failures. This, ultimately, means that spray foam commercial and residential roofs have longer lifespans.


Harsh winds are one of the main causes of roof damage. Extended exposure to strong winds can loosen fasteners and adhesives, and it could separate the roof assembly from the substrate—spray foam roofing systems can prevent this.

Avoid Entire Roof Replacement & Costly Repairs

Closed-cell spray foam roofing insulation provides a convenient, cost-effective option to either recover or repair existing roofs without the need to perform a complete replacement.

Lower Life-Cycle Costs

Traditional roofing systems require considerable maintenance, which includes various tests and regular repairs. Our spray foam roofing decreases life-cycle costs by reducing the maintenance typically required throughout a roof’s lifetime.

Energy Conservation

Our spray foam roof insulation services maximize your building’s energy efficiency by managing the extremes of heat loss/gain through the roof. This effectively lowers the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the building, resulting in lower overhead costs for your business.


Paragon strives to deliver the best quality insulation products and services. For additional energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, check out our other insulation services or call or contact us to get a free quote.

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