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7 Uses for Spray Foam Outside of Insulation

Did you know that you can use spray foam for more than just insulation? Here are seven other uses for spray foam outside of home insulation.

7 Uses for Spray Foam Outside of Insulation

7 Uses for Spray Foam Outside of Insulation

Most people know and understand what spray foam is, but did you know that you can use it for more than insulation? In fact, this incredible product can conquer multiple tasks around the house. Spray foam is a strong and durable material perfect for crafting, packing, and keeping showerheads in place. This blog will dive deep into how you can use spray foam besides insulation.

Create Movie Set and Theater Props

Are you a fan of the show Stranger Things? The show creatively used spray foam to add depth to its props and sets. They created the “upside down” by using spray foam caves and caverns. Plus, the drips inside the caves utilize spray foam. What a cool idea!

Spray foam can take on many different forms and shapes because it fills in the gaps and expands. Set designers can build rocks, walls, bricks, haunted houses, and many other items. When you use spray foam on movie and theater sets, the possibilities are endless.

Silence a Noisy Sink

Metal bathroom and kitchen sinks can make a lot of noise when using them. Applying low-expansion spray foam under the sink will help diminish the sound. Working upside down makes the process challenging and delicate, but it’s possible.

Before you begin, remove any items around the sink and lay down a protective layer to protect the inside of the cabinet. You can use an old cloth sheet, a plastic sheet, or even some newspaper pages. Ensure all surrounding areas are covered to avoid damaging the cabinet. Take your time applying small amounts of spray foam, allowing each section to harden before you move on.

Stabilize a Shaky Showerhead

Showerheads become loose over time, and listening to the rattling can be annoying. The showerheads move around while you’re trying to take a shower, and the rattling makes a lot of noise. Typically, it’s impossible to get behind the shower wall to secure the loose shower, so the next best option is to use expanding spray foam to stabilize the showerhead.

Protect the shower wall and any surrounding items before you apply the foam. Squirt the foam around the shower arm and let it dry solid. Once the foam is stiff, cut away the excess. Cover up the foam with the cover plate; nobody will ever know there’s spray foam back there. You can use this same trick on wobbly and loose pipes.

Securing Landscaping Rocks

Are you looking to build an outdoor oasis in your yard? Installing a backyard pond, stream, and waterfall is the perfect way to create a serene scene right outside your doorstep. These water features use natural rocks to build the set, but getting these large rocks to stay in place can be a challenge. It’s especially tough when water is running over them.

To ensure your landscaping rocks stay in place, use black spray foam to secure their location. Minimally spray under the stone to attach to the rocks underneath. Spray on the side to fasten the stones to each other. This security ensures your rocks will stay stationary in your water features. The foam is waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about rain or splashes.

Help Out Your Cooler

Spray foam is obviously excellent at insulating; that’s why its main job is to protect homes and businesses. Many individuals first heard of spray foam insulation from contractors or insulation installers. Is it any wonder that spray foam can help boost your cooler’s insulating abilities?

Coolers usually have hollow lids, which provide adequate insulation, but spray foam can improve it. Drill two holes inside the cooler’s lid and fill one gap with the spray foam. The expanding foam will begin to ooze out the second hole. Once it’s hardened, trim away the excess foam that leaked out of both holes.

Protect Delicate Items

If you need to protect fragile, valuable items or electronic devices during shipping or storage, spray foam helps prevent damage and movement. Wadded-up newspaper and bubble wrap can only do so much, making foam the best option for the job.

Gather some supplies to create form-fitting, clamshell-style padding with expanding foam. Grab thin plastic wrap, a paper towel roll, a large box about three times the size of the item you’re packing, and the object.

The first step is to wrap the thing tightly in plastic wrap. Ensure you’ve completely covered the object, leaving no area exposed. Feel free to wrap the item more than once if you’re worried. Spray foam is challenging to remove once it comes in contact with most objects.

The second step is to line the entire box with plastic wrap. Next, cut off a section of the paper towel roll. You’ll want to make a stand high enough to elevate the object in the box’s center. Place the thing on the paper towel roll.

Fill the open areas around, below, and above the object with spray foam, working slowly and allowing the foam to expand before adding more. Allow the foam to harden, which can take up to 24 hours. Gently pull the solid foam block from the box and peel off the plastic.

Cut the block in half using a dull knife perpendicular to the paper towel roll. The action should be similar to cutting a loaf of bread. Once you’re close to your item, ensure you’re cutting carefully. You don’t want to damage it. Pull the block apart to remove your thing and remove the plastic wrap. Congratulations—you created custom padding for your object!

This tip is perfect for any fragile and delicate items you have to ship, store, or move. Keep in mind you have to repeat this process for every item.

Fill Cracks and Gaps

Your home will begin to settle as it ages. You’ll find gaps, cracks, and open areas. The same is true for your exterior concrete patios or walkways. They begin to erode over the years. Spray foam is a useful tool to fill in all the crevices and gaps around your home.

As you’ve discovered, there are plenty of ways to utilize spray foam. It’s an incredibly handy tool to have on hand. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to keep a couple of extra cans.

If you’re interested in installing spray foam in your home, contact Paragon Protection. We’re reliable spray foam insulation contractors in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Call to chat with us today to see how we can best protect your home from the outside elements.

7 Uses for Spray Foam Outside of Insulation

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