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Benefits of Air Sealing Your Attic During the Summer

Benefits of Air Sealing Your Attic During the Summer

Benefits of Air Sealing Your Attic During the Summer

Energy efficiency is fantastic for your home. Did you know the HVAC system accounts for 40 to 55 percent of your household’s energy consumption? Would you like to know how to make that number go down? Air sealing your attic has some incredible benefits that we will explore below.

Two Words: Moisture Control

Moisture is a significant problem for homes; even a tiny leak can lead to catastrophic damage. Proper air sealing, ventilation, and insulation help to keep water damage, mildew, and mold at bay.

Leaks are the only way moisture sneaks its way into your house. Water droplets can quickly form in your attic since the indoor air and attic temperature can drastically vary. Air sealing your attic will keep moisture from compromising the integrity of your home.

Your Home Will Have Consistent Temperatures

Do you have a two-story home? Is the top floor warmer in the summer than the main level? This problem is incredibly inconvenient because you struggle with the heat when it’s time for bed. Your HVAC system should distribute air equally in your home, but vent blockages, air leaks, or heat loss or gain through uninsulated spaces can stop your system from operating correctly.

Air sealing your attic will help your HVAC system deliver consistent temperatures throughout the house.

Improved Energy Efficiency Will Save You Money

What’s one thing that can significantly impact your HVAC system? The answer is thermal transfer and air leaks. These air leaks are pesky. Your system isn’t running efficiently if you deal with either of these issues, costing you money.

Improve your home’s airflow by sealing the leaks and adequately insulating your home. You’ll save money in two ways: your system will last longer and won’t run as often.

Improve the Air Quality

Even with the air filter on your HVAC system clearing dirt, debris, and allergens from your indoor air, damage or air leaks in the ducts can allow them to enter. Any leaks in your home can do the same. Hiring professionals to seal up all the cracks in your attic and ductwork will improve the air inside your home. This benefit is excellent for individuals with horrible seasonal allergies.

Your home will surely benefit from air sealing your attic. When you’re ready to seal your home, call Paragon Protection. Our spray foam insulation contractors in Lake Zurich, Illinois, will ensure your home is prepared for every season. Contact us today!

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