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Can You Use Spray Foam Insulation in Existing Walls?

Can You Use Spray Foam Insulation in Existing Walls?

Can You Use Spray Foam Insulation in Existing Walls?

Even the most durable types of insulation don’t last forever. Over time, insulation material can degrade in quality, lose its shape, or experience damage that prevents it from effectively blocking the flow of heat. As such, there will come a time when an area of your home that already has insulation will require an upgrade. To avoid having to replace your insulation again in the near future, we suggest using spray foam insulation because it is water and flame-resistant and will typically last the entire lifespan of your home. The question then arises: can you use spray foam insulation in existing walls? Continue reading to uncover the answer.

Installing Spray Foam in Existing Walls

In short, yes, you can install both closed-cell and open-cell spray foam insulation in existing walls. In fact, spray foam is one of the easiest insulation materials to install in a home that already has existing walls. However, there is one caveat: spray foam insulation cannot be installed in an existing wall that has fiberglass insulation inside of it. To insulate an existing wall that already has fiberglass insulation, you would first have to remove all the fiberglass.

How To Insulate an Existing Wall With Spray Foam Insulation

To install spray foam insulation in an existing wall, you will need to create a few small holes around one inch or less in diameter and inject the liquid spray foam directly into the wall cavity.

Once injected, the spray foam will begin to slowly expand and fill every nook and cranny in the existing wall. Once it has fully expanded, the spray foam will harden into a highly effective and durable insulation material.

Of course, this isn’t a project that you’ll want to take on all on your own. To avoid damaging your home or putting your health at risk, hire a professional spray foam insulation contractor that has ample training, experience, and the necessary equipment to do the job right.

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