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Common Mistakes When Installing Your Own Insulation

In an attempt to save some money, many homeowners try to install insulation in their homes without hiring an experienced contractor. While doing so could save you a bit of cash during the installation process, you may end up making mistakes that will ultimately cost you far more than the price of simply hiring a contractor. Below, we have listed some of the most common mistakes when installing your own insulation.

Leaving Gaps in the Insulation

In order for insulation to effectively block the flow of heat into or out of your home, it must completely cover the surface you apply it to. If there are any gaps in the insulation, air will easily slip through the openings, and your insulation will be relatively useless.

When untrained and inexperienced homeowners attempt to install insulation on their own, they often miss small nooks and crannies. Thus, while installing your own insulation can save you money during the installation process, you may just end up putting in a lot of time and effort to install the material without really improving the insulation of your home. 

Covering Ventilation With Insulation

Another common mistake when installing your own insulation is covering up ventilation. While insulation should help prevent airflow as much as possible in certain areas of a home, it should not obstruct air passing through vents.

When homeowners accidentally obstruct airflow that’s necessary for ventilation, a range of negative impacts can occur. For example, you may experience mold outbreaks, humidity issues, and reduced air quality if you block vents with insulation. 

Using the Wrong Type of Insulation Material

When having insulation installed by a trained professional, they will advise you on the best type of insulation material for each area of your home. If you try to install insulation on your own, you may end up choosing an insulation material that doesn’t suit the conditions of your space.

For example, you may decide to install fiberglass insulation in your basement. Because basements are notoriously damp and fiberglass traps moisture, such a combination can lead to trouble. 

To avoid these mistakes and get the job done right, leave the insulation installation process to the professionals, such as the highly skilled contractors at Paragon Protection. In addition to being the most trusted spray foam insulation contractor in McHenry and the Chicagoland area, we also provide a wide range of other insulation services, from fiberglass to cellulose insulation. To install insulation in your home safely and effectively, contact us today.

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