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Exterior Wall Insulation Services

Over the course of your home’s life, it can take a hit from Mother Nature. Whether rain, snow, or even hail, these elements can threaten your house’s structure and hurt its overall value. Fortunately, you can better protect your home with exterior wall insulation services from Paragon Protection.

The Values of Exterior Wall Insulation

If you don’t have proper insulation for your exterior walls, you will be missing out on the various benefits that they can bring to your home, including the following:

  1. Additional strength: Our exterior wall insulation will keep your walls strong against inclement weather so that damage does not easily occur on the outside.
  2. Reduced moisture damage: Exterior wall insulation can ensure that condensation does not form within your walls and that they stay dry. This allows you to avoid issues with paint and plaster and prevents you from spending money to repair this damage.
  3. Added value: Wall insulation can serve as a great selling point and will attract buyers if you ever plan to sell your home.
  4. No heat transfer: After we complete our exterior wall insulation services, you can avoid the effects of heat transfer in your home. Instead, it will keep the warm air locked in your indoor spaces, while the cold air will stay outside—where it belongs.
  5. Substantial savings: Not only will the insulation allow you to avoid the costs of unnecessary repairs, but it also helps your home maintain a stable temperature. That allows you to spend less time using your HVAC system and save more on your heating bill.

Choose Your Exterior Wall Insulation

Paragon offers many options when it comes to the types of insulation for exterior walls. Read about these trustworthy materials:

  • Spray-foam insulation – If you are looking to reduce your home’s environmental footprint, spray foam is an incredibly energy-efficient option that will ward off mold and provide a strong seal.
  • Mineral wool insulation – Made of materials that include molten glass and stone, mineral wool can improve your home’s air quality while reducing fire hazards.
  • Fiberglass insulation – Although this insulation is rather lightweight, it can offer you the advantage of keeping your home warm while also lasting a long time.
  • Cellulose insulation – This environmentally friendly material will also keep your home warm while reducing your chances of mold growth or insects invading your space.

Let Paragon Provide Guaranteed Satisfaction

When you invite Paragon into your home to complete exterior wall insulation services, you will get a service that provides you with true satisfaction, backed by a five-year guarantee. Reach out to us today to let us help you protect your family and the integrity of your home.

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