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Fiberglass or Spray Foam: What Adds More Value to Your Home?

Fiberglass or Spray Foam: What Adds More Value to Your Home?

Fiberglass or Spray Foam: What Adds More Value to Your Home?

The type of material you use to insulate your home could add value to your house. Fiberglass and spray foam insulation are similar insulation types. This blog post will explore which of the two types, fiberglass or spray foam, will add more value. So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look.

The R-Value Will Give You Insight

R-value shows how well the insulation prevents heat from entering or leaving the home, depending on the season. The better the R-value, the more value the insulation will add to the house.


The R-value for fiberglass insulation ranges depending on the thickness of the insulation. You can find fiberglass anywhere from 2.2 to 4.3 R-value. This type of insulation will lose its R-value over time, typically in 10 to 25 years.

Spray Foam

There are two spray foam insulation types, each with a different R-value.

  • Closed Cell: 7
  • Open Cell: 3.8

Unlike fiberglass, spray foam insulation doesn’t lose its value over time and usually lasts over 80 years.

Which Adds More Value?

Spray foam insulation will add more value to your home because it lasts longer and is better at its job than fiberglass. It can withstand moisture, block out sound, and keep your home comfortable.

Other Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Known for its durability, spray foam insulation won’t sag over time, but it will shrink a bit. Closed cell spray foam insulation will help protect your home against water damage because it’s waterproof. It’s an excellent choice for basements, attics, and garages.

Spray foam insulation is more complicated to install. Because it’s the costlier of the two options, you want it installed correctly. It’s in your best interest to call upon the professionals to add this insulation type to your home. Our team of spray foam insulation contractors in Cary, Illinois, will efficiently and effectively install the insulation.

When it comes to spray foam versus fiberglass, spray foam will add more value to your home. Your home will reap the benefits for many decades, and buyers will appreciate the value when you’re ready to sell.

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