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How Inconsistent Home Temperatures Cost You Money

How Inconsistent Home Temperatures Cost You Money

How Inconsistent Home Temperatures Cost You Money

Central air and heat have become the norm for homes across the United States. The ductwork is able to transport the hot or cold air to the desired locations for the purpose of creating a comfortable home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always succeed perfectly. Some rooms may be warmer or colder than others depending on the season. Not only are inconsistent home temperatures frustrating, but they also cost you money. Figure out the reasons why in the blog below.

Your Home Allows Air To Escape

When you think of leaks, you most likely think of pipes, faucets, and anything related to water. The truth is that leaks can also refer to cracks, holes, and gaps in your house where air can escape. All that cold or hot air your HVAC system worked hard to produce isn’t staying inside and making you comfortable. Instead, it’s out in the atmosphere.

These leaks lead to higher energy bills due to the lost air. Your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain the temperature you set on the thermostat. Find the leaks and fix them to help seal up your home and create a more comfortable living space. Ensure you check around windows and doors because they often have small cracks.

Consistently Running HVAC System

What do you do when your home feels too warm or too cold? You change the temperature over at the thermostat. The more often your HVAC runs, the higher your energy bills become. Inconsistent temperatures cause the system to run longer and more often. It’s attempting to create a consistent temperature, but it can’t.

Reasons for Inconsistent Temperatures

If your home has bad air ducts, it can have issues moving the air throughout the house. This issue results in inconsistent home temperatures. Portions of your house could receive more heating and cooling than another. The thermostat will signal to the HVAC system that it’s reached the proper temperature, but that’s only for a specific section.

Insufficient insulation also affects the temperature of your house. Insulation works to keep the outside air from entering your home and allows your HVAC system to work effectively. One of the best insulation types is spray foam insulation. It provides an airtight seal to help provide temperature consistency throughout your home. At Paragon Protection, we’re experienced spray foam insulation contractors in Lake Zurich who will expertly apply insulation for you. You’ll notice a drop in energy bills, and your home will have a consistent temperature.

The moral of the story is that inconsistent home temperatures cost you money. Call Paragon Protection to help save you money.

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