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How Often Should You Insulate Your Home?

How long does insulation last, and when should you replace it? Learn more with this brief explanation of how often you should insulate your home.

How Often Should You Insulate Your Home?

How Often Should You Insulate Your Home?

An insulated home is a happy home, but how often should you insulate your home? Knowing exactly how long your insulation lasts and when it will be due for upkeep is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy and energy-efficient home. Don’t get caught with poor insulation in the middle of extreme temperatures. Follow this guide to learn when and why you should add insulation or replace it in your house.

Lifespans of Different Insulation Types

The type of insulation in your home influences how long it will last and when you’ll need to replace it. Whether you install the insulation yourself or move into a new place with insulation, make sure you know what materials are in your home and where. Here’s a quick rundown of the lifespans of common insulation types:

  • Spray foam insulation: a lifetime or longer
  • Mineral wool: 30 to 80 years, depending on the base material
  • Fiberglass: 80 to 100 years
  • Cellulose: 20 to 30 years

With proper care, some insulation materials can last for decades. Without proper care, though, many materials can begin to degrade after about 15 years. That’s why it’s important to know what kind of insulation is in your home and how long it’s been there.

Factors That Can Ruin Insulation

No matter what kind of insulation you have, it’s crucial to look out for issues that can shorten its lifespan and cause problems. Moisture and pests are the two main threats to insulation. Many insulation materials aren’t waterproof. Moreover, even the moisture-resistant ones can suffer from heavy leaks, mold growth, and other moisture-related issues. If you notice these kinds of problems in or around insulated parts of your home, hire an inspector for the area and replace or repair insulation as needed.

Pests like rodents or bugs can also burrow into insulation and cause holes and cracks. These weaken the insulation and cause it to degrade faster. If you have a pest problem and suspect it’s reached your insulation, call the experts so that you can get the issue resolved and repaired as quickly as possible.

Is It Time to Insulate?

Now that you know how long insulation typically lasts, how often should you insulate your home? Unfortunately, the most accurate way to tell if it’s time for an insulation upgrade is to play it by ear. If you’re feeling drafts or temperature shifts, there’s a good chance your home’s insulation is failing. Likewise, unusually high energy bills are good indicators that something’s wrong.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with your home’s insulation problems alone. If you need a spray foam insulation contractor in Crystal Lake or the rest of the Chicago area, contact the friendly folks at Paragon Protection. We’ll help you find the best solution to keep your home happy, healthy, and comfortable all year round.

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