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How To Maintain a Spray Foam Roof

How To Maintain a Spray Foam Roof

How To Maintain a Spray Foam Roof

Spray foam roofing systems are extremely durable and can withstand exposure to even the harshest weather conditions. When cared for properly, they can often last for up to 50 years. Then, a question arises—how exactly do you care for a spray foam roof in order to optimize its lifespan? To learn the answer, consult this helpful guide on how to maintain a spray foam roof.

Conduct Regular Cleanings

In order to keep your spray foam roof in good condition, clean it on a regular basis. Doing so will prevent debris from clogging the drains and standing water from accumulating. To clean your spray foam roof, start by using pressurized water at a maximum of 3000 PSI to remove any debris. If you have any grease or oil stains on your roof, simply use a non-acidic cleaner to scrub them away. Lastly, remove any debris from your roof’s drains, gutters, and other structures.

Cut Out Defects and Caulk the Area

Another tip on how to maintain a spray foam roof is to use a knife to cut out any defects in the roof’s surface. This could include holes, cracks, punctures, or blisters. After thoroughly cleaning your roof and letting it dry, remove the defective foam and coating with a knife. Then, use a compatible caulking material to fill in the resulting holes. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, you may also need to apply an acrylic or silicone top coating to complete the repair.

Have Your Roof Recoated

Over time, your spray foam roofing system will likely experience a decrease in thickness or acquire an ample number of holes and cracks. Once the material is less than 10 millimeters thick, consider having it recoated. In most instances, you’ll only need to have your spray foam roof recoated every ten years or so.

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