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Parking Lot Maintenance Tips for Commercial Properties

Parking Lot Maintenance Tips for Commercial Properties

Believe it or not, parking spaces are typically 8.5 feet wide by 19 feet long. To properly fit into these occasionally tight areas, drivers must strategically maneuver their vehicles, which causes wear and tear on asphalt over time. While this damage is inevitable, there are ways you can make your parking lot look fresh again. Simply follow our parking lot maintenance tips below, and you’ll have clean, safe spots for parked cars.

Check on It Regularly

Every now and again, do a thorough check of your parking lot. If you spot any weeds, pull them; they can wreak havoc on the pavement. Remember to also remove any hazardous objects blocking the streets, such as broken glass, large tree branches, and roadkill.

Immediately Address Drainage Problems

If you notice pools of water on your asphalt, this could be due to a drainage issue. You need to treat it promptly, or else you’ll see more costly problems down the road. Parking lots need proper drainage, so be sure manholes and storm drains remain clear for excess rainwater to easily pass through.

Invest in Regular Sealcoating

If you want to perform preventative maintenance on your parking lot, consider sealcoating. It effortlessly fills small cracks and slows the aging process from UV rays, water, and harmful contaminants, such as engine fluid and oil. As a result, you can avoid unnecessary and unsafe potholes. To ensure your pavement lasts for as long as possible, we suggest you schedule a sealcoating service with your trusted local contractors every few years.

Prioritize Striping

Parking lot lines are essential to mitigate car damage and to promote overall safety. Striping also makes your pavement look newer. If your company wants to make the best impression, be sure your parking lot boasts fresh paint.

Think About Professional Power Washing Services

In addition to frequently cleaning your parking lot, you should take an extra step to remove dirt and debris. Power washing is an effective way to wash asphalt and remove unsightly stains. If you need reputable power washing experts, contact Paragon. We’re a professional power wash company who serve Lake Zurich, Long Grove, Lake Forest, and other surrounding suburbs.

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