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Proper Deck and Patio Maintenance

Proper Deck and Patio Maintenance

The deck and patio are two of your home’s most prominent exterior features. As such, they can have a large positive or negative effect on your property’s curb appeal, depending on how well you maintain them. If you fail to keep up with regular maintenance, your deck or patio could end up greatly reducing the value of your home. On the other hand, a well-kept deck could greatly improve the home’s exterior appearance and eventual selling potential. To help your home reach its full value capacity, consider implementing these tips for proper deck and patio maintenance.

Periodic Power-Washing

Because your deck and patio are constantly exposed to the elements, it’s normal for them to start looking a little worse for wear over time. To restore their original appearance, consider power-washing them annually. In addition to improving their appearance by washing away dirt and grime, power-washing will also get rid of mold, mildew, and algae, which can damage the structure of wooden patios and decks.

It’s important to note that power-washing your deck or patio can damage the wood if you don’t do it properly. Using too much pressure or positioning the tip too closely to the wood’s surface can create etches or cause it to splinter. To prevent such damage, invest in the services of a professional power-washing company.

Seal and Stain

Another deck and patio maintenance task you should complete once a year is sealing and staining. Sealants and stains serve dual purposes as protective coatings from the elements and aesthetic upgrades that improve the appearance of your deck and patio. If you want to let the natural grain and color of your wood show through, consider a clear sealer. To alter the appearance of your deck or patio, consider a semi-transparent stain for a light tint or a solid stain for a new look that will completely cover the grain.

Prune Trees and Get Rid of Debris

An important practice for proper deck and patio maintenance that you should do on a more regular basis is pruning trees and sweeping away debris. Ideally, you should trim all trees and bushes so that they’re at least one foot away from the deck or patio. Doing so will discourage mold and moss growth as well as rotting. In addition, you should always sweep away any debris such as fallen leaves or twigs, which can also lead to rotting and mold if you leave it to accumulate for too long.

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