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Reasons to Choose Mineral Wool Insulation

Reasons to Choose Mineral Wool Insulation

Mineral wool insulation is a type of insulating material created from basalt stone and recycled slag, which is melted down. The melted materials are then spun into fibers and formed into batts or boards. With its noise pollution-reducing and fire-resistant properties, mineral wool insulation has many advantages in a home or building. If you’re trying to determine which type of insulation to use, here are some of the main reasons to choose mineral wool insulation.

Mineral wool absorbs sound

Sound filtering through the walls of a home can be distracting, disrupt sleep, and even damage one’s hearing over time. To get some peace and quiet, consider installing mineral wool insulation. The dense composition of mineral wool effectively blocks and absorb noise. As such, mineral wool is widely used to soundproof interior walls, floors, ceilings, and any other areas in which it’s installed.

Mineral wool is environmentally friendly

For homeowners concerned about their environmental impact, mineral wool insulation is a great option. As we previously stated, mineral wool is composed largely of recycled slag from steel mills, which reduces waste. In addition, mineral wool also serves as an effective insulator, with an R-value of 3.7 to 4.2 per inch of thickness. Its ability to prevent the flow of air into and out of a home puts less strain on a home’s temperature control system and conserves energy.

Mineral wool is resistant to fire and water

Another key reason to choose mineral wool insulation is that it’s resistant to both fire and water. Because mineral wool is made from durable materials such as basalt stone and slag, it can withstand incredible temperatures of up to 2150° Fahrenheit without melting. As such, installing mineral wool insulation in your home can slow the spread of fire, buying you precious time in case of an emergency.

Mineral wool is also water-resistant. Even when exposed to copious amounts of water, mineral wool won’t absorb water, and it will effectively retain its shape. As such, choosing mineral wool will prevent you from having to tear out and replace your insulation after a flood or burst pipe.

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