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Should You Insulate Your Commercial Building?

Should You Insulate Your Commercial Building?

Should You Insulate Your Commercial Building?

Energy efficiency has become somewhat of a hot-button topic. With the rise of green energy advancements, more and more business owners want to improve the insulation in their buildings. We’ll take some time to answer the question, “Should you insulate your commercial building?”

Why It’s the Right Choice

When most people picture insulation, they imagine the attic of their home. Residential insulation is essential, but insulating commercial buildings is just as crucial. Insulation is vital for energy efficiency and maximizing comfort. Everyone from office managers to commercial property owners can appreciate it.

Commercial Insulation Types

All buildings need insulation. Below are some examples.


Distributions centers, warehouses, and other industrial buildings get insulated for sounds proofing, thermal efficiency, and more. Metal buildings like this often require vinyl insulation which is commonly used for commercial applications.

Agricultural Buildings

Farmers need temperature and humidity levels regulated in the structures where farming equipment is stored. This is why barns and other agricultural buildings require insulation. From cattle barns to orchard sheds and grain storage, the agriculture industry is a prominent source of commercial insulation.


Corporate office buildings need insulation to keep overhead costs down and reduce noise from outside environments and between other offices. If the office building is situated in a heavily trafficked area, noise reduction becomes even more important. Thus, it’s vital for offices to be well-insulated.

Comfortable Environments

So, should you insulate your commercial building? If you want your employees to feel comfortable while they’re working, no matter the weather, then of course you should. Hire a company to install insulation. They’ll prevent chilly air or heat from coming inside or escaping your building.

Reduce Energy Bills

One of the leading reasons for installing insulation is the reduction of energy expenses. It’ll reduce Co2 emissions and also allow businesses to receive public accolades for energy efficiency.

If you’re a business looking for a spray foam insulation company in Crystal Lake, IL, give Paragon Protection a call today. We’ll get your company comfortable and reduce your energy bills in no time.

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