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The Importance of Insulating Your Home

The Importance of Insulating Your Home

The insulation in a home can have a larger effect on the lives of homeowners than most people realize. In addition to affecting the comfort of a home, insulation can also affect the home’s electric bills and its residents’ safety. Despite the effects insulation can have on the lives of homeowners, over 70 percent of homes are under-insulated. To learn about the importance of insulating your home and why you should invest in updated insulation, continue reading.

Insulation Lowers Electric Bills

If you don’t want to pay extremely high electric bills, insulating your home is very important. Heating and cooling costs account for the greatest percentage of energy usage in most homes. To keep energy usage as low as possible, it’s essential to prevent hot air from entering or escaping your home. In doing so, the home’s temperature control system won’t have to work as hard to heat or cool the interior space, and electric bills will be greatly reduced. As such, investing in effective insulation is highly important from a financial standpoint.

Insulation Affects Comfort

Insulation can also have a large impact on the overall comfort of a space. If your house is poorly insulated, it will likely have many drafts and areas that are much hotter or colder than others. By insulating the home, you prevent hot air from entering or leaving the house, so the entire home remains at a consistent, comfortable temperature.

In addition to preventing the transfer of heat in a home, insulation can also improve comfort by preventing the transfer of sound. Insulation types such as compact mineral wool insulation or spray foam insulation act as effective sound barriers, blocking out unwanted noises from traffic, loud pipes, and other noisy nuisances.

Insulation Affects Safety

In addition to finances and comfort, the importance of insulating your home also applies to safety. If your house is located in a cold climate and poorly insulated, dangerous ice dams can form on the roof. An ice dam is a wall of ice that forms at the bottom of a roof and prevents water from properly draining off. They form when heat escapes through the roof as a result of poor insulation and causes snow and ice to melt and re-freeze when it reaches the bottom of the roof. When ice dams form, they cause water to become trapped on the roof, which can result in leaks, mold outbreaks, and potential roof collapses. These threaten the safety of the house’s residents. To avoid such safety risks, it’s important to invest in quality insulation.

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