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The Top Benefits of Insulating Your Home

Are you finding your home has a draft? Are you building a new home and are unsure about insulation? Read on to realize the benefits of insulating your home.

The Top Benefits of Insulating Your Home

The Top Benefits of Insulating Your Home

Insulating your house may seem expensive and like a hassle. However, there are many benefits to installing insulation and updating the insulation in your home. We’ll explore the top benefits of insulating your home.

Increased Comfort

Who wouldn’t want to increase their comfort? Just think about those wretched mornings when you first wake up and your feet hit the cold ground. Then you have to wait for the shower to warm up, shivering. Insulation will help stop this pattern. It’s why many homeowners have it installed. You work hard to ensure your house is comfortable, so install insulation for that extra boost.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

What most people don’t understand is that consumption is directly related to your carbon footprint. Residential electricity consumption could be reduced by about 5 percent if every single homeowner had their house adequately insulated. This huge statistic is one we shouldn’t ignore, so do your part and insulate.

Reduced Heating Bill

Insulation will keep the heat from escaping your home during the winter, which means less time the heater has to turn on—in turn, it results in a reduced heating bill and money saved.

Health Benefits

Colder temperatures suppress your immune system. If your home is frigid and it’s freezing outside, your immune system will suffer. Defend against the winter weather and provide your body with a fighting chance against the common cold.


Another benefit of insulating your home is minimizing noises throughout your home. It will also reduce the sounds outside, such as traffic, lawnmowers, fighting neighbors, and children yelling.

Increased Home Value

Even if you won’t be selling your home for a while, insulating your house will increase its value when you are ready. The insulation will slowly increase the value and pay you back tenfold.

Multiple Options

There are many options for insulation available on the market at different price points. You and your contractor can sit down and decide which option will best serve your home.

Insulation installation is a great way to protect your home, family, and yourself. Contact Paragon Protection, a spray foam insulation contractor in Wauconda, today.

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