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Ways To Reduce the Cost of a Roof Replacement

Have you discovered your roof requires a replacement, but you’re afraid of the cost? These are ways to reduce the price of a roof replacement.

Ways To Reduce the Cost of a Roof Replacement

Ways To Reduce the Cost of a Roof Replacement

Roof replacements are a costly affair for many homeowners. Nobody wants to go broke from fixing their roof. There are ways to reduce the cost of a roof replacement, and this blog will explore those methods.

Shop Around

Call several local roofers to receive quotes and check their references before hiring a particular business. Be cautious of incredibly low bids, which can lead to subpar work. The company should also offer a warranty on the installation and materials.

You can check with your local state consumer protection agency or building department to verify the roofers are correctly insured and licensed.

Carefully Consider an Overlay

Overlays can help reduce the cost of a roof replacement because you’re laying new shingles down on top of existing ones. It requires fewer labor hours and costs less than a complete replacement.

You have to be cautious with overlays. If your roof already has one, it’s best to replace it entirely. An overlay could shorten or void the warranty on roofing materials. It could also mean you pay more during your next roof replacement due to having more materials to remove.

Use Homeowners Insurance if Possible

Your homeowner’s insurance will typically cover damage not caused by neglect. If a bad storm comes through, knocking shingles loose, your insurance could cover most or all the costs.

Have Proper Timing

Roofing companies are busiest during the last summer and into early fall. Scheduling your roof replacement during the off-season, like early spring, may result in off-season discounts and lower prices.

Protect Your Roof From the Beginning

Give your roof a fighting chance to last longer by installing spray foam insulation into the space. Spray foam insulation creates a durable, protective layer spanning your entire roof, protecting it from harsh winds, intense storms, and any other possibly harmful factors. It will help reduce maintenance costs and repairs, providing extra financial savings.

Contact Paragon Protection today to install spray foam into your roofing. Our professional spray foam insulation contractors in Wauconda will expertly install spray foam properly. You can rest assured knowing your roof is protected.

If you notice your roof needs replacing, follow the above ways to reduce the roof replacement cost. Not all roof repairs have to break the bank.

Reach out today for your complimentary quote.

Whether it’s spray foam insulation, seal coating, or pressure washing needs for your McHenry County home or business, Paragon Protection has you covered.

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