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What Happens When You Over-Insulate a Home?

Homeowners may be familiar with insulation and what happens when there isn’t enough, but what happens when you over-insulate a house? Read on to learn more.

What Happens When You Over-Insulate a Home?

What Happens When You Over-Insulate a Home?

In life, moderation is a virtue. How does this apply to insulation? Well, good thing you asked because you could be dealing with an over-insulated home. Have you ever wondered what happens when you over-insulate a home? Read on to find out!

The Short Answer

If your house has too much insulation, it becomes too tightly sealed, and moisture becomes trapped inside. If there isn’t proper ventilation, especially in the attic where the warm air travels when it rises, mold will grow, and your home’s air quality can decline.

Don’t misinterpret mold as having too much insulation. Mold problems can come from several different issues. You could have a damaged HVAC system, a leaking pipe, or a broken sump pump.

Environmental Concerns

It takes energy and natural resources to manufacture insulation. When you insulate your home with the proper amount, the energy savings the insulation provides compensates for the energy that went into its production. If you over-insulate your home, you’re using resources without increasing your home’s efficiency. If you’re worried your home is over-insulated, you can call a professional to perform a home insulation inspection.

Too Little Insulation

Now that we know what happens if your home is over-insulated, you may be wondering what happens if the opposite is true. In fact, there’s a more significant chance that your house is under-insulated. Pay attention to these signs of under-insulation:

  • Higher energy bills with no change in usage.
  • You feel drafts or uneven temperatures between rooms.
  • The second floor of your house is overly warm.

That’s where Paragon Protection comes into action. Our spray foam insulation contractors in McHenry will get your home properly insulated.

Understanding what happens when your home is over-insulated shouldn’t be at the forefront of your concerns. More homes in the United States are under instead of over-insulated. Contact Paragon Protection for all your insulation concerns today!

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