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Why Is Proper Commercial Roof Insulation Crucial?

Why Is Proper Commercial Roof Insulation Crucial?

Why Is Proper Commercial Roof Insulation Crucial?

Any roof, whether commercial or residential, is more than a layer of shingles on top of the building. It’s a complex system that protects your structure from the outside elements. A properly insulated commercial roof is crucial because it provides excellent benefits for the building. Don’t miss out on these advantages. Let’s get into it.

Extends Your Roof’s Life

No matter where you live, the temperatures outside fluctuate. Some regions experience this more than others, but it’s rare to find areas with constant temperatures. These ranges make it challenging for your building to retain a consistent temp, even with an HVAC system. That’s why you need proper commercial roof insulation.

All the expanding and contracting your roof will experience without insulation can wreak havoc. Insulation will help reduce temperature fluctuations your roof has to endure. The harder your roof has to work, the shorter it’ll last.

Lowers Your Energy Bills

Your building needs help expelling the heat during the summer and containing the heat during the winter. Roof insulation is the answer to maintaining those comfortable temperatures for employees. If you don’t have the correct roof insulation, your building will be too warm or too cold depending on the season, and the HVAC system will work overtime.

Insulation will provide the HVAC unit with a break. That also means spending less money on energy bills since it’s not running as often.

Other Benefits

Lowering your energy bills and extending the life of your commercial roof are excellent benefits, but they’re not the only benefits spray foam commercial roofing insulation provides. It’s a more eco-friendly option, and you’ll help reduce your building’s carbon footprint. You’ll reduce the noise bouncing around in the building.

Another crucial reason to install proper commercial roof insulation is to gain a better fire rating. Newer insulation products are more fire resistant than the older insulation materials. You’ll begin to notice less internal condensation with a properly insulated roof.

If you’re in the Northeast Illinois region and want your commercial roof insulated correctly, contact Paragon Protection. Our professionals will work with you and provide the best spray foam insulation to protect your commercial building for decades.

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