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5 Reasons To Add More Insulation to an Existing Wall

5 Reasons To Add More Insulation to an Existing Wall

5 Reasons To Add More Insulation to an Existing Wall

Believe it or not, you can add insulation to an existing wall. Many homes in the country are severely under-insulated, which is a sad reality. Insulation brings many benefits to a house. It can help provide year-round comfort, combat moisture, and more. Continue reading to explore five reasons to add more insulation to an existing wall.

Noise Absorption

Are you tired of hearing your kids run around like crazy while you work from home? Do you feel like you could use more privacy in your master bedroom? Adding more insulation to an existing wall will provide ample noise absorption. Add insulation behind the drywall to increase the sound control. You can focus on work without worrying about distractions and noise.

Year-Round Comfort

Adding wall insulation will provide year-round comfort by keeping the inside temperature consistent. During the summer, the warm air and humidity will stay outside. In the winter, the cold air won’t be able to cool down the house.

Low Maintenance

Adding insulation to an existing wall doesn’t require any maintenance after the installation. The benefit will last your family for years to come. You can ensure your home is ready to go when you insulate existing walls.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Properly insulating a home will decrease your home’s energy bills because your HVAC is working more efficiently. Without insulation, your home is at risk of experiencing fluctuating temperatures. However, with insulation, the house’s multiple floors will have consistent temps. Your home will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

You can watch your energy bills go down. Wall insulation will lead to heat flow resistance, giving your HVAC system the break it needs.

Mold Prevention

Mold and mildew are something that homeowners fear. A lack of wall insulation will allow condensation and other moisture to build up, leading to mold. Adding insulation to an existing wall will help with mold prevention. Your home will be a dryer and healthier place to live.

The above reasons should convince you to add insulation to an existing wall. You can trust Paragon Protection to install the insulation. We’re the premier spray foam insulation contractors in McHenry County. We also serve the Chicagoland area. We won’t stop until every home has proper insulation.

Reach out today for your complimentary quote.

Whether it’s spray foam insulation, seal coating, or pressure washing needs for your McHenry County home or business, Paragon Protection has you covered.

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